The Burj Khalifa is the largest man-made structure on Earth. How long will it last?

1 day: Lights go out on the Burj Khalifa forever.

1 week: The dry desert wind deposits sand on the windows. The outside becomes grimy and salty.

1 year: Windows haven't been washed in a whole year, and the glass begins to crack. Sand deposits build weight on the windows, and some fall to the ground.

7 years: The tip of the tower, at over 2,700 feet sways dangerously in the wind. It buckles and tips, but the spire is still on top.

15 years: The window washing units, weighing over a ton and suspended by wire, sway in the wind. One of them breaks off and plummets 2000 feet to the ground. The other falls down soon after.

39 years: Fierce wind forces the top of the Burj Khalifa to lean dangerously, and the top comes off. The height has been reduced to 2,300 feet. Any more damage to the top will initiate a total collapse.

150 years: A huge sandstorm blows in and weakens the foundations. The bottom of the building collapses and the tower leans dangerously.

200 years: Another sandstorm blows in, and this time, the Burj is too weak to take it. The tower falls over and completely collapses.