250px-DTW aerial
Detroit Wayne County Intl. is the airport serving the Metro Detroit area. It is a hub for Delta Airlines and Spirit Airlines. The tenth busiest in the US, Wayne County intl has two terminals. How long will it last?

1 hour: The airport is quiet. With no more humans to fly the planes or drive vehicles, the lights go out forever.

2 weeks: After torrential rain, the grounds are flooded underwater. Soon, the water dries, but its effects are lasting, as the foundations have been weakened.

7 months: A huge blizzard blows in. Snow and ice build up on the terminals, and the planes are cracked. With no snowplows or maintenance, The ceiling of North terminal partially collapses.

2 years: After 730 days of disregard, the paint is peeling at the Delta hangar. Animals have moved in, and nature is reclaiming the land. After enduring the harsh Michigan weather for 2 years, North Terminal collapses. All that's left is the shell of the terminal, and the nearby planes. McNamara Terminal has also been harshly treated, and its ceiling weakens and falls. McNamara Terminal still stands, though.

3 years, 4 months: Lighting strikes the airport. A fire consumes the terminals and wrecks the ATC tower. Planes, still fully loaded with fuel, explode and burn. Many are destroyed.

5 years: McNamara terminal's grand facade peels away and falls. After a flood, it's foundations are so weak that another flow of water will sweep it away.

29 years: The Delta hangar collapses.

41 years: All that's left of the airport are the ATC Tower, the ruins of the North and McNamara terminals, and the runways. Vegetation creeps across the runways and destroys them. The ATC tower leans, and is on the verge of falling.

46 years: The ATC Tower collapses. With it go the airplanes nearby.

61 years: Harsh weather disintegrates the runways and turns them to dust. Trees begin growing in the wreck of the airport, and the planes have been crushed by vegetation.

120 years: A flood sweeps away McNamara terminal's shell and destroys whatever's left of North terminal. All that remains of the airport are the remains of long forgotten jets, their fuselages torn apart, their wings sheared off. All the planes have degraded.

500 years: The area is a wetland, and in the place of the airport is a bog. Marshes are nearby.